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Emerging Technologies

Technology is essential for modernizing the public sector, delivering modern services to all citizens, even in remote areas, enabling and soliciting input from citizens for improved decision and policy making.

We have entered a new technological era in service delivery with increasing adoption of Emerging Technologies and it has also arrived in government. Oman Government has also embarked the emerging technologies journey to provide government services more efficiently, effectively and have proven results showing how they have created greater public value and transformed people’s lives. Collaboration, agility, innovation and engagement have emerged as driving factors for agency performance and progress will be determined by combining these factors with adoption and integration of new emerging technologies and services. Emerging technologies will change everything – how we work, how we live, how we communicate. This so called 4th industrial revolution can help accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We as Oman also are following the same path and have taken various initiatives to gain and spread awareness on emerging technology trends and adoption where such technologies are now helping citizens’ access government services and information in ways that are more pro-active, agile, innovative through adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, and Data Analytics…etc. This in-turn, will help us to be well equipped to harness and leverage the power technological innovations to ensure achieving our overall economic vision. Therefore, we at State Audit Institution are also attempting to explore some of these emerging technologies in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

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