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First: General Questions

When did the audit journey begin in the Sultanate?

Where is the SAI headquarter and branches located?

How can one contact SAI?

How can one apply for a job at SAI?

Is SAI responsible for Administrative Audit?

Do SAI’s auditors enjoy judicial investigation?

second: State Audit Law

What are the entities subject to SAI audit?

What are the functions of SAI?

What are the objectives of SAI as per the State Audit Law?

Is SAI responsible for inspecting the efficiency of financial and administrative systems of the entities subject to audit?

How does SAI deal with detected financial and administrative violations?

third: SAI Audit Work

What is the impact and value added from the SAI audit work?

How the selection process of audit topics is carried out in the annual audit plan?

Does SAI assess the services provided by the government entities?

What are the reports prepares by SAI?

What is an annual report and whom is it submitted to?

When is the annual report submitted?

How are audit reports prepared?

Is it obligatory to respond to SAI reports and correspondence?

How does SAI cooperate with State entities and institutions?

fourth: Complaints and Cases

Does SAI receives complaints and cases?

What are the available channels to report a complaint/case?

Does SAI when examining the complaint disclose the name of the complainant or whistleblower?

Does SAI follow up on what is published in media channels and social media platforms such as complaints or feature articles?

When does SAI dismiss the complaint/case?

fifth: Protection of Public Fund and Avoidance of Conflict of Interest Law

What does official government mean?

What does public funds mean?

What are the responsibilities of the government official?

What are the prohibitions for the government official?

What does Financial Disclosure of government official mean?

How shall the financial disclosure be requested and to whom it is submitted?

What is the punishment of noncompliance with providing financial disclosure to SAI whenever requested?

sixthly: Awareness and Integrity Promotion

When did the Sultanate join the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC)?

What is the role of SAI in reviewing the Sultanate execution of the UNCAC?

How does SAI raise awareness when it comes to the protection of public funds and responsibilities of the civil service?

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