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International Cooperation

For mutual benefit, exchange of knowledge and experience, and fostering cooperation, State Audit Institution (SAI) has maintained excellent relations with its Arab, regional and international counterparts.

  1. SAI is an active member at the following international organizations of Supreme Audit Institutions:
    • International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)
    • Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI)
    • Arab Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ARABOSAI)
  2. SAI is a member of the following INTOSAI Committees:
    • Internal Control Standards Committee
    • INTOSAI Audit Group on Audit of Privatization
    • Information Technology Audit Committee
    • Capacity Building Committee
  3. SAI participates in the committees of the Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of audit Institutions and the Committee of Training and Development of the GCC Secretariat
  4. SAI exchanges visits with Arab and international counterparts to be familiar with their experience and exchange of knowledge
  5. SAI hosted a number of international audit meetings and events
  6. SAI conducts joint training courses with some audit institutions

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