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Privacy Policy:

SAI’s website Privacy policies:

The Privacy of the individuals that use SAI website is very important to us. No one can get any personal information from the website unless given officially by an individual while using the website.

Getting information:

When using the website, we collect some personal information that is deemed necessary to provide the individual with the service needed. It is worth mentioning that “personal information” means any information related to a well-known or possible to be known individual who is the core of the information. This information (name of the person, address, number) is similar to those required when visiting any other governmental office. Statistical information also gathered to help us in understanding the way in which individuals’ use of the website, in order to carry on improving the service we provide. Those who browse the website do not have an access to this information. It is sometimes required from the individuals to participate in evaluating the website. This participation is optional and does not affect benefiting from the services provided in the website.

Saving information:

The records required to support the governmental services are maintained and easily accessed. Records transmitted to the website will be identified, managed, protected and retained as long as they are needed to meet historical, administrative, moral and legal requirements.


In order to save any visited website (through Microsoft Internet Explorer) you need to click on the keys of any web page or an application in this website that uses Cookies. Cookies are abbreviated textual files saved in hard drives. It is worth mentioning that cookies help in keeping and tracing information so that the user does not have to provide the information each time you visit the website. The information obtained from the cookies are used similarly with the information obtained from the website. You can adjust your browser to cancel the cookie or to inform you when the website tries to send you a cookie. You can also check hard drives and delete them from your PC.

External links:

This website contains links of other websites. External links operated by governmental bodies, establishments and private commercial companies is beyond SAI responsibility. SAI is not responsible for the contents and privacy policies found on those websites. Thus, it is recommended to read their privacy policies.

Website Protection system:

SAI shall protect the information obtained from the website. It has taken further steps to protect its integrated connection system and compute its infrastructure; it is not restricted to documenting, controlling, auditing and coding.

Contact information:

SAI welcomes for any feedback in this regard. For any inquiries, contact us on:

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